Admission & Academics

Admission & Academics
Chander Bhan Memorial Public School (Recognized by Directorate of Education Govt. of NCT Delhi.) The course of studies is international in its scope and ambit and includes subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Sciences, History, Geography, Arts and Craft, Yoga , Computer sciences etc. 

Students are offered a variety of subjects to choose from, giving the students the widest possible opportunity to specialize in their chosen areas of interest. Academic excellence remains a key area of focus for the school. The school provides all its students unrivalled opportunities to realize their full academic potential.
There are skilled and experienced teaching staff who are chosen not only for their own intellectual skills but also for their ability and enthusiasm in communicating them to boys and girls of all ages. The teachers are well supported by several technicians and other ancillary and administrative staff. Teachers are encouraged to be flexible and individual in their approach.

Education must therefore promote and nourish as wide a range of capacities and skills in our children as possible. The gamut of such skills include the performing arts (music, dance, drama, and so on),painting and crafts, and literary abilities (weaving stories, wielding language to portray different aspects of life, a flair for metaphorical and poetic expression, etc.). Also, skills as diverse as some children's special capacity to bond with nature - with trees, birds, and animals-need to be nurtured.-Position Paper on Aims of Education, NCF 2005 NCERT- 
The following is the schedule of the Academic year at school :

Session starts   First Week of April
First Term (Class LKG to Class VIII)  – PA-1 + HALF YEARLY
PA- 1   April - May

HALF YEARLY   September - October
Second Term ((Class LKG to Class VIII)  – PA-2 + ANNUAL EXAM
PA -2     November - December

Summer Vacation     -           Second week of May to 30th June
Winter Break             -           31th December to first week of January

The admission session begins from February to March and extended till April for transfer cases. The school does not have bus facility.